University of Birmingham

If you visit Birmingham then it will come as no surprise that the University is not only an innovative place to learn, but also the perfect blend of a number of cultures too. Teaching some of the greatest minds for over a century, this historic building is now thought to be one of the best universities in the UK.

The history of the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham was founded in 1900, by the first Chancellor Joseph Chamberlain. It was created as the first civic university in England, a place whereby any people. Regardless of their religion or background, we accepted on an equal basis. It was a model for higher education, a shining beacon amongst other more old fashioned higher learning institutes.
A university of firsts

Not only was the University of Birmingham the first university of its type in the UK, it has also become famous for a number of other firsts too. It was a founder member of the National Union or students and it was the first university to be built on a campus model. It was also the first to incorporate a medical school and to offer degrees in dentistry.

Keen to ensure that all students were treated equally it was the first to create a woman’s hall of residence and also the first to build a purpose made student union building.
A rather impressive list if you think about it.

To this day it is still a place that is not afraid to do things a little differently and compared to other higher education institutes in the UK, it will tackle issues head on and ensure that the standards are challenged.
A modern university

Now the University of Birmingham is one that is dedicated to learning, teaching and innovative research. There are a number of different colleges all within the campus. This allows the dedicated faculty to deliver a wide range of courses to the students that are there.

There is the College of Arts and Law, the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the College of Social Sciences too!

Whilst there might be a large number of students studying within the University, this doesn’t mean that you are going to get lost within the crowd. There is a real sense of community in the campus and with a vast number of social opportunities to go along with your learning, you are sure to find yourself feeling as part of the family!

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