11 Oct 2017

How to tell if your roof is leaking

It can be difficult to know when your properties roof needs replacing, as for most people their roof isn’t an area of their homes that they regularly check. People live busy lives and unless it becomes obvious that there is a problem, it’s easy to forget about maintaining your roof, but not repairing or replacing your roof when it’s needed can cause you big problems which can be expensive to repair.
Ideally, you need to check your roof at least twice a year and look for any signs of wear and tear or any serious problems. By finding any problems early on you will save yourself a lot of money and hassle in the long run. Potentially problems with your roof can be hazardous, you really don’t want your roof to cave in on your home and put your family in danger.
One of the more obvious signs that you have a problem with your roof is if you can see damp patches on your ceilings, this is a definite sign that you could have a leak in your roof. As with most things, early prevention is key and will sustain the life of your roof. Look for disturbed, missing or broken tiles.  When we have strong winds, they can dislodge or damage tiles and the quicker you are to find the damage to your roof the more likely you are to catch the damage early before it becomes an even larger job. We would recommend that you check your roof at least twice every year and ideally in the late spring and then again in the late autumn.  

5 things to look out for are:

Water Damage

When you can see signs of water damage check your roof. Don’t wait for the problem to get any larger. If you can’t see anything obvious that could be causing a leak or signs of damp, call a professional in to inspect your roof and to find where the problem is.


Mould and Moss Growth

When you are checking your roof this is something to look out for. 


Light Coming In

You should regularly check the roof internally. For many people, this will be in their loft. Go up there around sunset and see if you can see any sunlight coming in from your roof. If you can see any sunlight come through the tiles then this means that you have cracks in your roof that need to be looked at by a professional.


Damaged Flashing 

Check around your chimney and any vents to ensure that there are no problems with the flashing. Flashing will have been used to make sure your roof is watertight around seams where water runoff can be greater.



If your roof is over 20 years old you may want to get it checked by a professional. As with everything, as the materials that your roof are made up of age, they deteriorate, especially as they are exposed to the British weather year in and year out.


Not all problems are obvious and you may not always pick up on something with your own inspections, so if you are seeing signs of damage or are worried about the age of your roof, please get in touch and we will come out and give your properties roof a full inspection.
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