Best Tourist Attractions in Birmingham UK

As the second largest city in Britain, you can find several attractions and places of interest in Birmingham, UK. Surely you will have a fun and enjoyable experience during your stay in this place. If it is your first time to visit the city, it is essential that you have ideas about some of the best spots you must see. This will help you appreciate more the metropolis and makes you visit it again. The following are some of the great tourist attractions.

Thinktank Planetarium.

If you are interested in science, then this place is the perfect one for you. This is a modern museum that will inspire you and will let you immerse in the deeper field of astrology. Some of the things you will see here are different exhibits that encourage visitor’s participation, how steam engines work and the process of digestion in your body. Surely you will learn a lot of cool stuff here.

Winterbourne House.

Being set in enchanted gardens measuring 7 acres, the spot will let you travel back in time, figuratively, wherein you will discover and appreciate more the history of Winterbourne. Beautiful landscapes will surely attract your eyes. The place is also used as a host to the country’s most wonderful plant collections. The House is like a historical treasure that your family will find spectacular.

Second City Boats.

Birmingham is a city of several canals, which is why if you visit it, you must never miss the second city boats that offer a canal cruise which is a unique and truly enjoyable way to explore the city. Whether you just want to unwind with your family and friends or if you want to study the rich culture and heritage of the city, doing it while riding a boat will be an unforgettable experience.

Falconry Center.

If you love big birds like falcons, eagles, hawks, and owls, the falconry center will surely give you the delights of your heart. Having close encounters with these air-borne predators will let you understand deeper their way of living. Aside from them, there are a lot of beautiful birds in the center that will catch your attention.

Cadbury World.

Are you a chocolate lover? Well, most of us are. That is why visiting the Cadbury World is like a dream come true. The spot celebrates the history and production of chocolate which you will find sweet and significant. This is made of 14 different zones that offer different activities for children and adults.

Knowing these spots when you visit Birmingham allows you to have deeper insights about the City and lets you appreciate it to the fullest. Being smart is a cool thing and if you are planning to travel to a foreign place always be sure that you have some ideas about it so that the journey will be all worth it. Having a travel adviser will be helpful. Just make sure it is a reliable one.